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Industrial Fans

Hvac system maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the best way to assure that you get the most out of your Heating & Cooling system, extend its life, and ensure that it runs at its peak efficiency at all times. A Heating & Cooling system that runs at peak efficiency will save you considerable money on your energy bill down the road, and extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Effective preventative maintenance work requires a reliable, skilled and trustworthy professional in order to ensure that your time and money is never misused.

With the preventative maintenance services offered by American Pride Heating & Cooling, LLC you not only get a diagnostic technician who is highly skilled and experienced whether commercial or residential, you also get an EPA and HVAC certified technician that takes pride in giving clients some of the most honest, affordable, and reliable preventative maintenance available.

With American Pride Heating & Cooling, LLC every inspection of your Heating & Cooling system and diagnosis of any problems, always includes a detailed assessment and written estimate designed to keep you fully in touch with the precise condition of your system and the best steps to repair and maintain it in peak condition.

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  • • Replace filters - with pleated filters each quarter
  • • Check & tighten electrical connections, contactors, relays & operating – safety controls
  • • Check starter, tighten all terminals & check contacts for wear
  • • Lubricate motor bearings per manufacturer’s specifications
  • • Check belts & sheaves
  • • Check damper operation & lubricate: adjust dampers & linkage
  • • Check motor operating conditions
  • • Check external interlocks
  • • Check & clean strainers & humidifier
  • • Check & clean drain pans & drains
  • • Check operation of control circuit
  • • Inspect exhaust fans
  • • Check all thermostat operations
  • • Check and clean fan motors


Heating Section-Gas

  • • Check operation & calibration of gas components
  • • Check burner operation sequence
  • • Check combustion blower
  • • Check combustion
  • • Inspect heat exchanger
  • • Check and clean burner elements
  • • Check gas pipe and units for gas leaks

Heating Section-Electrical

  • • Inspect & tighten electrical connections
  • • Check heating coil
  • • Check heating elements


  • • Check unit for refrigerant and leaks
  • • Check w/ manifold & gauges to ensure refrigerant levels are correct
  • • Check oil level in compressor (where applicable)
  • • Inspect coils for blockage & cleanliness
  • • Brush clean condenser coils